Klithjem Badehotel at Vejers Beach has existed since 1925. It was Marie Nielsen, also known as Marie Klit, who originally started the "Pension Klithjem" in Vejers. Marie Klit borrowed a little money from her school manager and ran the pension in her summer holidays. She managed to get some of the school's indigent and weak pupils to come to Vejers, where they in the summer period would get plenty of fresh air, and had a chance to recuperate.

During WW ll the whole area was cordoned off, and Vejers Klithjem served as a Command Center for German officers and engineers who built fortifications along the coast.

In 1958 Mrs. Lilly Jorgensen bought "Pension Klithjem". Mrs. Jorgensen ran Klithjem for 37 years, and during this period the buildings were rebuilt, and extended several times. In the last years Mrs. Jorgensen had Klithjem it was renamed "Hotel Pension Klithjem" as the term “Pension” (boardinghouse) didn’t catch up with the younger people any more.

In 1995 a new host couple, Lissa and Orla Skjellerup bought the hotel. They rebuilt the hotel to its present form, with a restaurant that was open for non-residents. During the Skjellerups´ ownership the hotel changed name to the shorter "Hotel Klithjem".

Then in 2001, Karin and Rolf Ryvig came to "Hotel Klithjem". They managed to maintain the friendly atmosphere that had characterized Klithjem since 1927. Karin Ryvig´s mother, Ingeborg Ryvig lived and helped at the hotel during all nine years – and was the hotel bookkeeper even at the high age of 89 years.

Finely in 2010, we, got the hotel and we changed the name to "Klithjem Badehotel" as Klithjem lays a stone's throw from the North Sea and we want to preserve the nostalgia about being an old seaside hotel. We have conducted a thorough renovation of the restaurant and the rooms in the best seaside resort-style.

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